• Will more winning tickets be sold than available for my team?
          No, that’s not possible. We have a determined set of tickets for each team. Once this limit is reached, the team will be listed as ‘out of stock.’

  • Is there a draw for winners?
          No, there is no draw among winners. However, the allocation of seats in the stadium is determined by a random draw.

  • Where will I be seated in the stadium?
          All winners supporting the same team will be seated together. The category of your seat is detailed on each competition’s page.

  • When will I receive my ticket?
          E-tickets will be emailed to you once the finalists for the competition are confirmed.

  • When will the draw take place among the losing participants to win 2 tickets to the final?
          This draw will occur after the final teams are determined.

  • Can I get a refund for my Coup Gagnant ticket?
          Coup Gagnant tickets are non-refundable, except if the event is canceled by the organizers.

  • Are there any hidden fees?
          No, there are no additional costs beyond the stated ticket price.

  • Can Coup Gagnant tickets be more expensive than public tickets?
          No, our prices will always be lower and vary based on the team’s ranking and current form. Prices are updated each round, so get yours as soon as possible

  • What if my team doesn’t reach the Final?     
          Then you lose your game and your money.

  • Can I choose which charity Coup Gagnant donates to?
          The decision on which charity to support is made solely by Coup Gagnant.

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