2023-2024 IS COMMING...

Thanks to you , Coup Gagnant gave a part of their revenue for 2022-2023 

to the association Special Olympics Lithuania . 

Example :  Fan plays on Real Madrid

If Real Madrid reaches the Final Four, the fan get his ticket for the 4 games at Kaunas. NO lottery.

If Real Madrid doesn’t qualify for the Final Four, then the fan loses his money.

" Coup Gagnant can travel you to Zalgirio Arena to watch in person the EuroLeague’s Final Four at the lower price possible. "

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With Coup Gagnant, you play a small amount on your favorite team of the tournament

If your team reaches the finals, you secure your ticket to the game and you’ll get to see the match at no additional cost

The prices are different for each team.

No rafle, if you win your game, your ticket to the finales is secured.

Part of Coup Gagnant revenue will support a sport charity association.

CoupGagnant Story

Antoine & Mathieu, Co-Founder

We both are sports fans seeking the thrills that a good game  can procure. Our project was born several years ago, to offer an innovative way to access tickets.

Coup Gagnant wants to give people the opportunity to experience and share the sport passion.

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